Japanese Restaurant celebrates the simple art of cooking

Takumi – meaning “skilful” – Japanese Restaurant is undeniably authentic yet strikingly daring. Its a la carte lunch and dinner buffets show little restraint, whether in the foie gras and Wagyu beef aburi sushis, Norwegian salmon, or maguro tuna sashimi. Set lunch and dinner menus are equally irresistible. A la carte menus offer yet broader selections. Don’t miss the al dente Hokkaido Scallop Tongues in spicy kimchi sauce and Shake Salmon seared with a blow torch. Ikura Salmon Roe offers striking red pearls of salty succulence secured to a raft of rice by a ribbon of tangy seaweed. A wonderful vegetarian option, Agedashi Tofu, combines snow-soft tofu with a crispy deep-fried tempura finish in ambrosial "Umadashi" sauce.

Embracing the storiedZen philosophy, Takumi’s all-timber flowing décor, featuring a sparkling stretch sashimi counter, frames a freeing sense of space. Several private rooms offer sunken seating and picture windows to a bamboo garden


Capacity: 152 seats
Private Room: 4 rooms
Location: Ground floor


Open Daily:
Lunch 11.30 - 14.30 hrs.
Dinner 18.00 - 22.30 hrs.